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Joy of Work - Art and Craft

Here comes again..writing and writing about my opinion..somehow i m confuse that i m say the right word or I am just mumbling without contain any of art. ( worried about what would Pn suzi say in the class next week actually )

okey enough for " merepek" ..lets talk again about em... JOY Of WORK. i always starting with make some assumption for defining these word before i straight narrow down to the topic. Where do we hear about Joy of Work ? At office? Studio? or factory? "happiness with gaining experience" ..yeah thats should labellings it.

Actually i just wants to share my opinion about ARt and Craft in Art  Nouveau  that originated in england and it influencing back by William Morris in 1896 . ( something like that la..actually ) Who is William Morris? He actually was textile designer ,artist, writer and socialist. Early industries in Europe has began to revive as new Modern Art Revolution. It also means the machines will be involving in any particular of art industries. 

Somehow and somewhere , i really wants to know what is the different doing art with using hands or create it with machines. For me, it can comes with both at the same times. but the value and aesthetic coming out from the awareness of an artist and craftsmen.If it's  for industries, machines is the suitable for upgrading back the economy. 

But what happen during Art Nouveau is the an artist does not  want to use machines as for their masterpiece. they think it against their Principe and Art's law.But different with new society artist which in that time , they try to re changing all art into simplicity and modern. It means all the aesthetic like  "kerawang- kerawang' will be not appear it anymore. How sadness it same goes to malaysian. The traditional house nowadays can count with finger because the adaption of western culture. Sometimes when we look in our modernism , actually the aesthetic from traditional culture can make more interesting because of the value . 

After all, with creating the simplicity element in art sometimes its shows different the critical thinking in analytical design which means.. the way of an artist in that times are more professional because they understand with details about the ideas, influences from nature , the figure of flora and fauna ..

 lets look at the malaysian traditional 

Malaysian traditional house usually were created for multipurpose based on the geographical , environment and culture .We already knows that malaysia always facing natural disaster example flood disaster .That is why, we can see the craftsmen will analyze first before they build the traditional house. Each malaysian house in that time, have many pillars so can be support the house and also avoiding from get entering by flood. In the interior , we can see there is partitions which dividing the gender. Religion element also be a part of  this malays house. 

Malaysian houses nowadays are different. All be done by cement and wood decorating for interior. I did not say there are no more malaysian traditional house in contemporary way, but what i am trying to say is , pursuit the modernism, sometimes the designers  forgot the historical  like the example i just give it , the word " facing the " natural disaster " and if comparing to the both house, the suitable solution still pointing at the malaysian traditional house just because of the multipurpose which can be avoid during face the flood and another function is can mobilizing to others place. 

Do you all understand what i am trying to say? why i am suddenly taking malaysian traditional house as my example for this topic? i am saying this because this is the differentiability between doing the production or doing by personal ( referring to art and craft movement in context joy of work )..when doing art or design by personal an artist, we can see the details and finishing master piece are so clean , smooth, tremendous comparing to production which only for marketing business and supply immediately without input creativity and fine skills.

ok lets talk art and craft movement 

As we already know from others blog, the Arts and Crafts Movement was an international design movement that originated  in England and flourished between 1880 and 1910. This movement embarking with  continuing the  influence until  the 1930 . William Morris has becoming the pioneer as the artist and writer  in 1834 - 1896 after get inspired from John Ruskin 's writings(1819–1900).

" The movement advocated truth to materials and traditional craftsmanship using simple forms and often medieval, romantic or folk styles of decoration. It also proposed economic and social reform and has been seen as essentially anti-industrial " - ( wikipedia .org)

From this statement, william morris actually feel unsatisfied with the production industrial  , which is obligate him to change the direction and make revolution industries. There is the other part of Morris 's  story about the reason he choose to make the revolution and the reason was about his house were made for his wife at the first marriage which the finishing of his house does not reach his standard and he decided with join some team designers and artist including socialist to revive back the craft movement.

ok enough for art and movement huhu we go back to our topic of have you seen the connection between production and personal masterpiece? actually in industries really need both .. Quality and Qualtity create a magnificence product design.

BUT... I still remember the slide from Pn Suzy class..during Industrial Revolution, there is something , something kinda chaos in that time. Too much machines  driving all the peoples in village changing  their mind set to remove from village into the town for continuing life . For the first time, there are getting good result until they continue producing a mass material which effecting back to their environment. Poverty condition killings their emotion and their also getting another problem such as space living, hygienist and food. They are nothing more like a robot which only wake up for doing the jobs, eats and sleep in poorly and dirty bed and will continuing for the next day..No FUN At All..SUCk!!! I rather stay in the jungle from having the cramp like this.

 after  they realize they had make so much mistake, they returning and changing their plans and setup back for their future.

huhu ,,that is my view and if someone don;t understand..please contact me hehe..:)

RenĂ© Descartes - cogito ergo sum = ‘I Think Therefore I am

hurmm...talking about this man sometimes makes my head becoming more migraine but what choice do i have? am i have to disposal about this topic ..NOTT!! actually if we looking back in art history , this man can be categorized as " Somebody who have been given gift but the path  he choose it is different than others ". I am sure many of you all have notice about Cogito ergo Sum or in France language means ' I think Therefore am ..what is that mean?? Purr Faourr!! Okey lets learn it with more details.

Cogito Ergo Sum  (  ‘I Think Therefore I am ) comes from western philosophy who is Rene Descartes.

About Rene Descartes :
Descartes was born in La Haye en Touraine or nowdays call it as  Descartes, Indre - Et - Loire , France. When he was one year old, his mother 's name is  Jeanne Brochard was suddenly died. His father Joachim was a former  member in the provincial parliament. When his age was  eight, he entered the Jesuit College Royal Henry - Le Grand at La Flenche. After he finished his  graduation, he futhering his studied at the University of Poitiers for  learning a Baccalauureat and Licence in law in 1616

                                                                Jesuit College Royal Henry at La Flenche

Cogito ergo sum  word derived from the french languange which means " I think, therefore I am" but there is still others meaning which referring to Rene terminology and it  stated as Dubito ergo cogito ergo sum  in English mean  "I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am" . Philosophical Rene Descartes has became a fundamental element of Western philosophy. This simple meaning brought a long explanation and need a straight focus in this meaning but somehow it actually seems more to.. if someone wonders whether he exist, or surrounding him  exist will be claim exist as long he think he exist and if  it opposite with the way like Rene Descartes's thinking will be declare unreal or does not exist. This statement playing minds people in giving the new space to analyzing back of his form is actually in the real life or there are standing on the middle of huge illustration which have movement figure and be controlling by somethings.All the figures have their own purpose and characteristic and it determine to forcing somebody to change his decision in accepting his existence and they will doubt it because of that.They will start to re- evaluate back their life which address is as dream , influence or distraction from demon . 

Second opinion 

When i look into the meaning of  'I think' and Therefore I am' ) suddenly my minds reflecting back into years century and i try understand and figure it out  why he said like that in that period.. Is he wants to prove that he is the one who changes the history? ( yeah..he already did that) but why his philosophy meaning something show such as  " Yes ..Only Me Can Changes The World , And you all just Idiot ) Even though  during the barouque Era .I think he try to make new revolution which is in that time the people in baroque era just following the their religious terms.
I realize he tried so much to regaining back the arts from " darkness of Death Art industry". He is an atheist if i don't mistake but may be he becoming like that because the weakness in religious during time time ( that so? )

HEY YOU ALL TRY LOOK AT THIS VIDEO.FROM YOUTUBE -- YES MY OPINION IS CORRECT!! THIS GUY THEORY HAS BEEN USED BY THIS FILM.. THE MATRIX !!! ( alamak..just right now, i had told from my friend that this info actually had been discuss in kuliah, m too late..)

Third Opinion

i am also know that this guy was try to deceived anything from his mind .. No sky, No water, No mind , no bodies..( hurm so he is what actually? aliens??  or someone who live in matrix world? ) orr HE IS STRUGGLING IN FACING HIS REAL LIFE ..HE MUST BEEN HAVING A HUGE PROBLEM until His mind cannot realize which is the true or false. For him, he try to Re- Lining  back the system or nature which in that time the people just acknowledge  lesson from Bishop. So he tried to explaining in his way by claim the hypotheses and theories for getting some perception  of people.

In my view, he also try get something with attracting or doing some intention to people during that time so all people can define him as the remarkable person. For him, he just some illusion in the world until he speak out ,that will prove him alive.

But one things i m curios... why he try to rejecting all beliefs and his beliefs. Everyone in this world need religions to beliefs and following the guidelines..without guidelines, we cannot obtain something or understand. But he tried to against the God.. MADNESS... but there is must be a reason for his action . Why he does not coming out with combine with his belief and his method and mixing it .Could be the result will be another question?

Somehow, when we figured it back, he can be called as genius in villains way. . I am suddenly interesting in one of his books which is name Passion of Soul. It's about emotions that can be look at nature and environment  people and animals.It is also related to perception or sensation which is come from movement spirits.( how's brilliants is he )

so for this night, em... i think his meditation could be useful but majority could corrupting the religious ( if he had religion ) because the way he thinks is beyond from what people know it. He mainly try to show that in reality world, there is still some space or other real life is usually or probably are there  but only the minds are just playing back  ( emm dejavu?? can i put this word for his method ...Pn Suzyy helppp mee ) ...

:) thats for my opinion... if there is something wrong.. em you should understand what is opinion means hehe

huhu i already put 3 opinion in there. .

owh by the way... i have one things that i need to share to you all again..if anyone wants to understand more about this I think therefore I am with more detail ..this is link i can give it to you all..interesting to share and read it...enjoy

New Art New Life

Assalamualaikum and hye to you all..New day and new style.. everything is about art. Either you like it or still continuing without the ending. Why? is it because the new coming of an artist in every each era or is it  because the philosophy that they bring it ? so in this blog , all issues about the history of art will discuss it or if any mystery on it just show me ( examples : monalisa portrait ).